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After completing the study, most participants will get a small gift to thank them for their time. 

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Signing up

Q. What kind of participants are you looking for? 

All kinds. Anyone who is over the age of 18 and has ever used the Timely in any way can join the programme.

Q. How soon will you contact me?

We want to make sure that the studies that you participate in are a good fit for you. That’s why we can’t guarantee that everyone who applies will end up participating. If we do contact you, it may not be straight away because we will be waiting for a study that’s a good match. We may contact you at any point as long as you remain registered.

Participating in a study

Q. What exactly will I be doing in these studies?

Timely runs a variety of study types. You may be invited to participate in any of the following studies:

Remote usability study: In these studies, we’ll gather your feedback via a screen-sharing session with a researcher where you may be asked questions or provide feedback about a process or design. You can be almost anywhere in the world, but you’ll need to have a high-speed Internet connection.

Long-form study: These studies require a small amount of activity every day for several days or weeks. Researchers will ask you to respond to questions or take notes based on your experience using a product.

Surveys: For these studies, we’ll simply send you a survey form to fill in. Please note that we don’t typically offer a gift for participating in a survey.

Q. What is the 'Thank you gift'?

This is Timely’s way of providing a gift as a way of saying thanks to people who participate in research studies, to help improve our products and experiences. If your session is eligible for a thank you gift, you should receive it three to five working days after completing your session. Please note that not all study participants will receive a thank you gift.

Respecting my data

Q. I signed up, but I've decided that I don't want to participate. How do I opt out.

That's totally fine. You can opt out at any time - simply send us an email at hello@timelyapp.com

Got any questions? Email hello@timelyapp.com